Alien Collection

** Still under construction **  I will be adding pictures here when I get chance.

This was my first big replica.  The Halcyon kit of the Alien Facehugger.  I bought some wire and put it in the fingers and used thicker coat-hanger wire for the tail.  He was then stuffed with cotton wool, glued with super glue and sprayed with an airbrush and some Tamiya paint.  I now have him crawlng across my bedroom wall.

I really like these.  M40 grenades with removable caps and detonation buttons that you can press in!

I got the Dog-Burster from London in 2001, just before the New Year.  I was supposed to be getting a Pulse Rifle from Fiction & Fantasy Models but after getting a train and walking to the shop I found out that it had closed down and was now a hairdressers or something.  I went back to Forbidden Planet and got this instead.

I really like this as well.  A Carter J Burke card.

Some of the marines dogtags.

A really cheap and inaccurate Locator and watch from F&F Models.  Some of the first props I got.
pics/alien/acollect06.jpg pics/alien/acollect07.jpg