The Diary of a T-800 Arm


I have drilled a hole in the bottom of the pistons and cut a thread into each with a tap.
The pistons now screw on.
The ball joints have now been glued onto the hand.  These line up with the screw heads on top of the wrist plate.
The main arm rod is now screwed on and glued in place.  The three pistons are loosely screwed in place and the rod lengths finely adjusted so that when the hand is attached the ball and sockets meet perfectly.  For now, I have decided not to glue the pistons at the bottom or at the top.  If the whole thing is too wobbly, then I might change my mind.


I was hoping I would have a display case for it by now, but I'm still looking. The place I got the arm from should be selling them soon, so I should be able to get one from there.

Back to the arm. I thought it was time I did some more work on it, so I marked on the cable where I needed to cut it for each finger. It was then cut and the lengths of cable were pushed through the holes in the wrist and into the holes just below the fingers. The thumb one was added. then the cables were taped together so it is easiet to get them through the hole near the elbow.
I then scratched both the bottom of the wrist and the top of the main arm beam so the glue would grip better. The parts were test fitted then the glue was applied and this is how it looks now.
I would like to wait until I have the display case before I drill the hole in the bottom where the stand holds it up. It will be easier that way as I will know how thick the metal bar is and where exactly it should go. For now I have marked the position that I think is correct. I drew round the elbow joint and marked the centre of it. Then I got a laser pointer and stuck it to the bottom of my desk (stay with me here). The beam was aimed straight down at the centre mark and the elbow piece was placed back over its outline.
The laser then marked the exact centre of the underside of the elbow where the hole should go. I marked it with correction fluid ready to be drilled.


I drilled a hole in the joint where the cables go. I had to be carefull that my drilled hole didn't pop through the side.
I sprayed some more Alclad where the arm and elbow joint connect - the joint diameter is smaller than the arm and there is a small gap between, so you could see the black paint otherwise.

The cables were trimmed slightly and the elbow is now ready to be glued. I don't want to do this yet until I have the case mounting hole drilled, and I don't want to do that until I have a case.

I don't think I will be able to do any more until I get a case. Hopefully I will be able to get one soon.