Website History

23/09/2018  Updated the Sentry Gun and Aliens Quiz pages.
30/06/2016  Updated Sentry Gun page with new release details.
12/03/2016  Virgin Media are shutting down all websites they host, so I've had to move.  Now at
    Also removed Opera and DigiGuide links and made text bigger.
25/08/2011  Updated the Quiz config file and corrected a typo.
04/06/2011  Updated Sentry Gun page with details of V1.5. 
06/03/2011  Fixed a small mistake in the Sentry Gun program, and uploaded v1.1.
05/06/2010  Motion Tracker section updated.
14/04/2010  Updated some of the text on the main Sentry Gun page.
01/03/2010  Updated the Aliens Quiz config file and text.
24/02/2010  Updated the Sentry Gun config file, and updated the text to mention the
            tutorial video.
04/05/2009  Added LittleBigPlanet section.
03/05/2009  Added the YouTube video of the Sentry Gun program running.
05/07/2007  Updated some graphics on the main page, and added some Predator
            pics to the "Misc" section.
04/07/2007  Added some new pics of the Sentry program running on a laptop, and
            a few small text changes.
08/02/2007  Motion Tracker updates (that I should have added over a year ago!)
03/11/2006  Finished initial conversion to XHTML/CSS.  All verified as Strict XHTML 1.0.
            It still looks the same, but it looks the same in a much better way :-)
02/11/2006  Finished T-800 arm section and started to convert site to XHTML/CSS.
08/08/2006  Updates to the T-800 arm section.
08/10/2005  The Aliens Quiz V1.0 is finally released!  Updates to the 
            Sentry and Quiz pages.
03/06/2005  Motion Tracker updates.
27/04/2005  Motion Tracker updates.
07/12/2004  Motion Tracker updates.
18/08/2004  More Motion Tracker updates.
11/08/2004  Updated Motion Tracker section.
27/06/2004  Motion Tracker & Aliens Collection updates.  This page now has
            the latest updates at the top.
23/05/2004  Small updates to Endo-Arm and Motion Tracker sections.
24/04/2004  Updated the Endo-Arm section.
13/01/2004  Updated Sentry Gun page.
25/08/2003  Updates to the Endo-Arm section.
22/07/2003  Updates to the Endo-Arm section.
02/07/2003  Updated the "My Collection" sections with more pics.
21/06/2003  Updated T-800 Arm section.
15/06/2003  Added Jobo Minilight to MT section.
            Updated T-800 Arm section with chrome spray pictures.
21/05/2003  Changed the web counter to GoStats and updated Aliens
            collection and MT & Arm diaries.
12/04/2003  Swapped things around and added "Motion Tracker" & "Others"
            sections.  Also updated Endo-Arm section.
04/04/2003  Added a link to The Spat Cave in the Pulse Rifle section.
28/03/2003  Changed logo's and added Arm section on front page.
02/03/2003  Changed the finished pics for the Pulse Rifle and some small
24/02/2003  Changed front page.  Now uses a table.
23/02/2003  Added "Diary of a Pulse Rifle" section.
            Website now called "The Colony".
            Added background textures.
26/10/2002  Changed title screen slightly.
10/06/2001  Added an AVI file of the Sentry gun program running.
06/06/2001  Added info for Quiz & Sentry screens.
            Added History page.
16/04/2001  Added Aliens Quiz & Sentry Gun pictures.
23/07/2000  Website went up with contact details.