Miscellaneous Collection

Still under construction.  I will be adding pictures here when I get chance.

I got the the Predator from eBay. He arrived on 11th July 2006.

Gizmo - I got him shortly after the film came out.  He has moveable arms and head.

Stripe - Bought him off a friend for 10 probably early 1985.  His arms, legs and head move.

Bendy Stripe - Got him from eBay in 2002.

The One Ring - Got this for Christmas 2001.

The ID4 ship.  I liked Patrick Tatopoulos's designs better than the film. I'm still not sure what made me paint it that colour...

This was on the wall of a production place in London.  When the SF channel moved out of the building it was ripped off the wall and left behind.  It got a bit damaged, but I might try to repair the missing section some time.  It is cast metal.

I'm not a big fan of The Matrix (it stole everything from other films/novels and the "bullet time" stuff was used in wildlife programs and adverts for years before it), but I got this free with a magazine.  It's a copy of a film frame.