The Diary of a Motion Tracker


I still haven't got hold of the pump (if you are going to start an MT project, it might be a good idea to get hold of this part first), but since the weather has improved, I decided to do a few other bits.

The next step was to screw the transformer onto the drill. I drilled the top hole one carefully between the vents, then lined up the transformer and drilled the top hole into that. When the screw was put in, the other two holes could easily be drilled through the transformer and into the drill body ready for the screws.
I have plans for the keypad, involving playing and recording sound effects. More on that later.

Larger holes were drilled into the very small holes in the back of the self timer. After marking the hole positions on the side panel by using the back panel as a template, I drilled the holes into that and screwed the timer to the panel.

I took the piece of rubber from the main drill body and used it to attach the black cable to the large washer. A screw and small washer was used on the inside of the drill top to keep the cable in place.

I drilled a hole into the bottom of the top part of the drill (I don't think this will be necessary if you have a real drill top - mine is resin). A bolt was cut to size and inserted into the hole and the large knob was screwed onto it (small screw on the side of the knob grips it from the side).

I removed the green LED from the switch area and cut a shorter green rod to light the green LED.
You can see here that the rods light up quite a lot even with no direct sunlight. The LEDs aren't as bright when lit by the rods, but it's not bad.

When I put it together it is starting to look like a Motion Tracker :-)


Trigger time. After spending hours searching the Internet looking for a switch and e-mailing companies about it, I've given up. I decided to just make one myself out of wood. I have several old microswitches lying about from when I swapped them in a joystick for less powerfull ones. These strong switches are just right for my Tracker.

First I made some test pieces out of polystryene that I could base my wood pieces on.

Once I was happy with the way it would work, I cut the pieces out of wood and drilled & filed them to fit the shape of the handle. The microswitch was screwed in place so it was only just touching the trigger when all the pieces were in place in the handle.

I will probably shape it a little bit more so it has more of a curve, but it's looking good.