The Diary of a Motion Tracker

30/05/2005 continued

I've also added sound! I got this cheap sound unit that lets me record and play upto 20 seconds of sound.
I cut a hole in some perspex and inserted the speaker. The plastic plate was then cut to fit into a position where it would hold itself in place once assembled. The speaker is now aiming at the meshed hole to allow the sound to escape more easily (it's not very loud, but okay in a quiet room).

I then cut two holes into the keypad box to line up with two of the buttons on the printed keypad, and inserted the rubber buttons. I had to make some plates to hold the buttons from the back. These were held in place by screws that also held the box to the main body.

I decided to put the microphone for the sound unit inside the box that the self timer came in. It is inserted into a hole and is hidden until the box is opened. This allows me to change the sound at any time without opening the model.


I have given up (almost) all hope of anyone ever finding what the real "pump widget" is, so I've decided to have a go at making one myself out of wood and the plastic top off a Lynx deodorant spray can!

After cutting pieces of wood to fit the hole, I filled in the gaps and covered it with car body filler. The small holes were drilled into the top, then I cut out the shape of the bottom piece. The wood isn't very good on this part, so I will probably do the bottom again when I find a good piece of wood.


It's been a while since the last update! I was playing Aliens Vs Predator on the PS3 earlier this week, and I thought I should have a look at my MT project. In August 2006 the "Pump Widget" was identified! it's the back of a pressure gauge which is used on a blood pressure meter (AKA a Sphygmomanometer). I waiting a long time for someone to find and sell them, or cast them in resin, but nothing happened, so I've continued with my home-made one. I've made a plastic part for it, and some wooden bits for the side. I don't know what I'm going to do about the air connector part that sticks out, as I can't find the right type anywhere.

I've also lightly sanded the shiny plastic parts with "wet and dry" fine sand paper (to allow the paint to grip), and then sprayed a few parts with primer.