The Diary of a Pulse Rifle

After thinking about it for years, I finally decided to get a replica Pulse Rifle at the end of 2001.  I am not an expert model maker, and you would probably have done it differently, but this is how I made it.  If you are thinking of making one yourself, or are just interested in what is involved or how a finished rifle might look then read on.

This is a resin kit, not one of the expensive metal "working" versions that are available.  The kit I got is called a Spulse Rifle and comes in 11 pieces with no moving parts.  If you want one yourself go to The Spat Cave.

I didn't have a digital camera while I was making the rifle, so the quality of most of these pics is really bad :-(  I have had to get grabs from camcorder footage (which sometimes makes the colours look strange in certain lighting conditions and distorts things when close up).


The kit arrives.  I wash it, lightly sand all the parts and cut off any extra bits from the molding.

20/01/2002 - 20/04/2002

I have been filing down the pieces that are in two parts to get them to fit better and I noticed that a lot of the vents in the shotgun part were missing so I added the missing ones by drawing them on with a stencil and drilling sideways (milling?).  I have also made a metal piece (cut out of an aluminium sheet) to go in the cartridge ejection port.  I thought it would look a bit more realistic than if I used silver paint.

This is what the left side looked like before the vents were added:

And after my additions:

This is the right half after I have added the missing vents and the metal insert:

Here are some shots of the right side:

And the left (before I added the vents):