Aliens Quiz

This is a quiz program written in AMOS Pro on an Amiga. It has sampled sounds and some pictures from the film. Click a picture for a full size view.

When it has loaded several hundred questions you will be able to view the instructions, high score tables (for both difficulty levels), view or change the options or start the quiz.

You have to make your way from the entrance to the Queen's lair, kill her, then escape to the Dropship that is waiting at the landing pad. Of course this is all done by demonstrating you knowledge of Aliens! You have to get to the Dropship before the Atmosphere Processor blows as well.

You have 10 seconds to answer a question (before the Alien gets you!). If you are too slow or you answer incorrectly then one of your marines will be killed. A correct answer means you kill the Alien :-)

You can view the map or pause at the end of the current question. The map (as shown above) will show your current location and how much time you have left. The map also pauses the game.

When you reach the Queen's lair you have to fight her! This changes the way it works slightly. You start a tug-of-war game with you on one side (in a Powerloader) and the Queen on the other. By answering questions correctly you move closer to winning (ie. you hit the Queen with a Powerloader arm), a wrong answer and the Queen hits you! When the mark reaches one of the sides, the fight is over and you either have to get back in the lair with another marine to try again (if you lost the fight), or you kill the Queen and make your way through the air ducts to escape. pics/quiz/game3s.png

The best scores so far:

Normal Level
NameAlien Kills% CorrectSurviving Marines
Paul Kitching23296.7512
Hard Level
NameAlien Kills% CorrectSurviving Marines
Paul Kitching19394.259

If you would like your scores shown here, let me know the details and also the high score verification number - when viewing the high score tables, hold the mouse button down and press "v". A number will be shown (e.g. 1234.5678). That proves your score is real. My e-mail address is on the main page of this site, and also shown when you quit the quiz. Send me the number along with the top scores on BOTH tables (even if one is empty).


To get the Quiz, e-mail me and I'll send you the file.

Once you have the Amiga Disk Image File, you will need WinUAE. You can get WinUAE from here.

Here is my config file for WinUAE 4.0.0 (runs fullscreen). You will have to change the directory path setting for your own PC (location of the ROM file in the "Main ROM File" box in the ROM section, and Quiz Hard Drive file - change the "Properties" in the "Hard Drives" section). Put this config file in your UAE Configurations directory. Then from WinUAE, click it, change your setting to point to the ROM and HD file on you PC, then press Save on the config page. After that you can just double click the config from WinUAE to run the quiz. There's a windowed version of my config Here, if you want to run it in a window.