Sentry Gun Program

This is a simulation of the Sentry Gun configuration program as used by Hicks in the film Aliens. It simulates a corridor with Aliens entering at the other end (and sometimes dropping from the roof closer to the gun) and running/crawling towards you. All this in internal to the program (so you have to use your imagination), but it seems to do the job nicely :-)

It is written in AMOS Pro on an Amiga. Click on a picture to view it at full size. If you want to see it running there is a video below.

If you want a copy, just e-mail me (my address is on the main page). I have tried it on UAE (the best Amiga emulator for Windows) on my PC and it works okay. Not as good as the real thing, but not bad - so anyone unfortunate enough to not have an Amiga can have a go :-)


You can move the cursor around the screen and select the options (and guns A to D). Some of the options do actually make a difference (choose between auto and manual firing, targetting mode etc.) When you arm it you go to the second screen where the action is.

pics/sentry/screen1-1s.png pics/sentry/screen1-2s.png

Here you can shoot by pressing fire on a joystick (if you selected "Man-Override" or "Semi-Auto" on the first screen), or watch it simulate firing at aliens itself (if you selected "Auto" or "Semi-Auto" mode).


As it fires, the temperature will increase and the ammo and time will decrease. It starts with 500 rounds (default) and when you get to <=50 rounds the "Critical" warning will flash. Moving, shooting and critical alerts all have sampled sounds from the film.

pics/sentry/screen2-2s.png pics/sentry/screen2-3s.png

Here are some pictures of it running on a Windows XP Laptop using the WinUAE Amiga emulator:



If you want to leave a comment on the video, or give it a rating, just click the video when it's playing, and it will take you to the YouTube page (or click here). It's best viewed fullscreen; click the YouTube fullscreen button.

If you want to use it with UAE then I have a config file that will set it up correctly (mostly) and boot the emulated Amiga straight into the program.
NOTE: The Sentry Program instructions are accessed by pressing the Amiga's HELP key. This is mapped to Page Down on the PC keyboard.

You can get WinUAE from here.

Here is my config file for WinUAE 2.3.0 (it should also work for any later versions). You will have to change the directory path setting for your own PC (for the Amiga ROM and Sentry Gun disk file). Make sure it is running in fullscreen mode, too. You still need the program itself, so email me if you want to try it.

As requested by a few people, I've added a quick tutorial video on YouTube to give you an idea of how to set it up.

Version History

V1.0 (08/10/2005)

Original public release.

V1.1 (06/03/2011)

Someone pointed out that there should always be three digits on the ammo counter. I was amazed that I'd missed that, but it's now fixed.

V1.5 (04/06/2011)


Someone spotted that the "CRITICAL" indicator didn't look the same as the film . I'd forgot to use the reverse video mode on the text in one of its two states.

New features:

A settings screen allows you to change options outside of the Sentry Gun's own settings. You can change the number of rounds the gun has, the number of Aliens, if the gun sounds are played, if the stats screen is shown after the attack. There is also a Continuous Play option that loops the main attack screen (using whatever options are selected in the Settings Screen and Sentry Config screen) until you press a key to exit.

V1.6 (28/06/2016)

Changed the website address on the title page.

V1.61 (20/09/2018)

Changed the website address on the title page.